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April Festival Announcements

The second the clocks go forward is when festival goers start getting antsy and festivals programmer[...]

New Sound, New Shots

New Year. New Sound. New Shots. Its always good to have a rebrand every once in a while, espe[...]

Boomtown Fair and Wonder Fields

Boom and Wonder are good words to have at the start of your festival name, and what Boomy and Wondro[...]

Animal Magic

I've taken to making playlists themed around my song titles and can think of no better way to start [...]

February Festival Announcements

With over 30 festivals already in the books as of the start of February 2016. Here are the ones I'm [...]

Not Enough Bonobo - Official Music Video

Not Enough Bonobo Anyone seen a monkey over the summer?   Wasn't that good!? Anyo[...]