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The One Man Mechanical Alt-Blues Band.

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Forty Festivals for Funke

As I write this its technically 43, but who's counting... Having already played 17 (with special [...]

'I'm Not Well' video release

I'm thrilled to present 'I'm Not Well', the latest music video from Funke and the Two Tone Baby. Tak[...]

Boomtown and Kendal Calling

Boomtown and Kendal Calling! This week, 2 out of 3 of my most exciting festival announcements hav[...]

Funke Plans for 2015

I write this to you locked away in my office, feverishly working, writing and planning for my musica[...]

'The Last Thing We'll See Is The Sea' is released.

June 16th 2014 - Funke and the Two Tone Baby - The Last Thing We'll See Is The Sea. Today is [...]

Convoi De Fete - A brief history

Follow The Sun and Be Flexible! A travellers tale to Holland and back, featuring Funke, Doozer, The [...]